Wind is one of the pollution-free energy sources, and it is inexhaustible. With the development of the global economy, the wind energy market has also developed rapidly.With the development of technology and environmental protection, wind power generation can compete with coal-fired power generation in business.China is rich in wind energy resources, and the exploitable wind energy reserves are about 1billion kW. At present, wind power projects are all over the country.

With the investment of a large number of wind power generation equipment, some problems have been found during long-term operation.The power generation efficiency is reduced and the liquid cooling system is corroded.This is mainly because the cooling system is essential in wind power generation, and even affects the power generation efficiency.The main cooling systems include:1. In the unit including the gearbox, the gearbox has a set of gear oil cooling system;2. The generator has its own cooling system, such as cooling fan, natural air cooling, etc; 3. In the unit containing the converter system, there is also the cooling system of the corresponding converter system, which adopts different cooling methods, such as air cooling and water cooling;4. For the cooling system of the whole machine, in order to solve the problem of excessive temperature in the fan room, the fan has a set of cooling system as a whole, such as the overall air cooling system with chimney effect;5. Cooling system for other equipment.

The coolant of the existing cooling system mainly adopts ethylene glycol products, but there is no coolant specially developed for wind power generation equipment.Only some automobile antifreeze sold on the market can be used.However, there are still many differences between the materials and working conditions of automobile application and wind power generation, and the antifreeze has a service life.After finding this problem, the Glacial Coolant began to carry out relevant development experiments.Firstly, the cooling system of wind power generation equipment is made of copper, iron, aluminum and other materials. There is a potential difference between the materials, which is prone to electrochemical corrosion when the conductivity is high. When the conductivity is very low, it corrodes some metals faster. On this basis, a low conductivity coolant is developed to achieve corrosion inhibition of different metals with excellent physical parameters.However, the coolant should be included in the maintenance scope of wind power during the use process. The electricity should be tested and adjusted and maintained in time. Lifelong after-sales maintenance of Glacier Coolant.